Frequently Asked Questions



Can you provide gaskets for any cooler?

Yes! Newer equipment is easy to find the correct parts for. Older stuff and walk-in fridges or freezers may require a bit more information gathering, but we will walk you through it, or visit in person. There is rarely a charge for a visit.


I need cutting boards. How does that work?

Give us a call. If geography is on our side, we will handle everything! Otherwise, a smartphone and a tape measure can go a long way.


I can install my own gasket. What do I need to do?

The key is getting it right the first time, NOT scratching your head and scrolling on online catalogue full of complex instructions and terminology

We will:

Ask the right questions.

Ship our products flat. That can make a big difference!

Pass on the tricks you need.


Are you just custom or do you stock standard stuff?

We are made-to-order. That gives us the ability to do custom as well as standard. “Custom" does not need to also mean “expensive.”


Give me an example of one of your solutions. 

Happily! We fabricate a lot of cutting boards in unusual shapes. This leaves many small off cuts. Rather than landfill this material, we created another use for these remnants. See our EXAMPLE PAGE for a photo!