Whether we install for you in Minnesota, or we ship to you with instructions for easy DIY installation, you'll always find great prices on gaskets and hardware with Command. Kitchen hardware that is operating as it should saves money and encourages employees to be conscientious about equipment care and maintenance.


Gaskets, hardware, and components can be a problem in the best of circumstances - it's even worse when the equipment is old, custom, or otherwise hard to repair and replace. You'll be surprised at just how much Command can do to save you money. Did you know that Command has an in-house process engineer and an experienced industrial & institutional chemist? That's why we always win our clients' praises for out of the box thinking. Command solves problems by engineering creative and cost-effective solutions.



Gaskets: Command has any kind of gasket you might need. They are made in the USA and we ship nationwide. We stock gaskets for 95% of all refrigeration units ever made - even older units. Prefer to order online and install them yourself? We'll show you how. Just click here.

Hardware: We fix broken door handles, latches, hinges, strikes, bushings, thresholds, jams, walk-in walls and floors, you name it. We'll get your equipment operating smooooothly. 

Thermal strip curtains: Most people are unaware of the extreme thermal loss from whenever walk-in doors are opened. That cold air just flows out like a spilled glass of water. Thermal strip curtains are inexpensive and can dramatically reduce this cost. These pay off in approximately 6 months, saving you money on energy and less stress on your compressor.

Doors: Over time, cooler doors get warped or damaged from repeated striking with carts, overswinging, moisture infiltration and many little injuries. Replacement doors are very costly - unless you get yours from Command. We can custom fabricate a replacement door that will add years of life to your walk-In cooler at discounts of 30% or more compared to other replacement doors. Our engineer can design a method to prevent your doors from deteriorating further.

Plastics: Custom cutting boards and plastic components using: HDPE, Acrylic, Polycarbonate. Click here for more info. 

COVID/Protectives: Barriers designed to complement your workplace, not distract from it. Check out some examples here.

Wayfinding signage: Yes, we do signage too. Our signage division, InCommand Signs, will make sure your window graphics, store hours, and other information signs look professional and inviting. Don't let your brand be diminished by faded, peeling, or missing signs. Talk to Command about how we can keep you looking fresh.